We provide full-range land acquisition and environmental management solutions. Every aspect pertaining to land namely, the environment, surroundings, location, future usage, etc. must be considered prior to the commencement of any project.


Our team comes equipped with a wide network across industry contacts and stakeholders allowing us to provide quality acquisition and environmental services. We pride ourselves on our expertise in ensuring our client's needs are satisfied. Our team will direct and advise clients during the execution of all required services.


From our local and experienced staff, we ensure project staffing levels match your project size, scope, and timeline. We work hard to ensure that steps are taken to mitigate any potential concerns up front. We have a dedicated team with excellent quality control process that ensures accurate paperwork and regulatory compliance.


Land Services

  • Surface Land

    • Fee Simple Acquisitions​

    • Disposition Authorizations and Renewals

    • Utility Right-of-Way and Surface Use Acquisition

    • Damage Settlements for Land Use

    • Landowners and Construction Contractors Liaison

    • Regulatory Land Services Before Provincial Boards and/or Commissions

    • Public and Stakeholder Consultation

    • Right-of-Entry Applications

    • Market Valuations and Coordinating Approvals

  • Crown and Freehold Mineral Acquisition​

    • Confidential Crown Land Sale Representation in AB & SK​

    • Third-Party Requests and Notifications

    • Freehold Leasing in AB, SK, MB, and BC

    • Lease Administration

    • Title Owner Locates and Estate Issue Resolution

Environmental Services

  • Planning

    • Environmental Impact Assessments​

    • Oil and Gas Proposals

    • Environmental Protection Plans

    • Pre-Application Project Planning

    • Project Coordination

    • In-House Placement

    • Abandonment Projects (AER/CER)

    • Pipeline Orientation Maintenance Programs, Coordination,
      Administration & Associated Acquisitions

    • Agricultural Feasibility Studies for Irrigation Projects

    • Site and Route Selection Consultation and Field Assessment

    • Conservation and Reclamation Plans

    • Conservation Operation Reclamation Plans for Gravel Pits

    • Mitigation Programs and Planning

    • Baseline Soil, Vegetation, and Wildlife Surveys

    • Water and Soil Sampling

    • Heritage Resource Impact Assessments

    • Public Consultation Support

    • Boat Launch Maintenance Plans

    • Wildlife Survey Results Reports

    • Wildlife Sweep Results Reports

    • Wetland Classifications and Assessments

  • Regulatory Compliance​

    • Regulatory Management and Advising

    • Federal and Provincial Permitting and Approvals

    • Client Representation and Regulatory Correspondence

    • Environmental Compliance Audits

    • Oil and Gas Facility Audits

    • As-Built Environmental Reports Following Construction Completion

  • Environmental Inspections and Monitoring​

    • Environmental Inspections During Construction

    • During and Post-Construction Environmental Monitoring

    • Inspections and Monitoring During Hydro-test and Dewatering Activities

    • Monitoring Soil Management, Soil Handling and Erosion Control Activities

    • Liaising with Local, Provincial, and Federal Regulatory Agencies

    • Vegetation and Wildlife Monitoring

    • Reclamation Monitoring

    • Archaeological and Palaeontological Monitoring

    • Wetland Monitoring

  • Environmental Site Assessments​

    • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments

    • Soil Monitoring and Management Programs

    • Soil and Water Quality Assessments

    • Environmental Liability Assessments

    • Spill Response Management and Coordination

    • Spill Assessments and Contaminant Characterization

  • Remediation​

    • Remediation System Design and Implementation

    • Confirmatory Sampling and Contaminant Characterization

    • Bio-Treatment of Impacted Soil

    • In-Situ and Ex-Situ Remediation Strategies

    • Risk Assessment and Management

  • Reclamation​

    • Reclamation Plans

    • Detailed Site Assessments

    • Revegetation Planning and Monitoring

    • Weed Management

    • Reclamation Applications

  • Gas Migration and Surface Casing Vent Flow Testing for Well Abandonment

  • Liability Reduction Services and Management for the Licensee Liability Rating (LLR) Program


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